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Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Heater Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance

What is planned preventative maintenance?

It’s a management strategy that assists freeholders, landlords, tenants and property managers establishing the condition of an asset by identifying potential works required, their cost and when they need undertaking.

Entire Group can visit your property/premises in Cambridge or any of the surrounding villages and carry out a survey establishing the following:

  • Private and public sector freeholders to assess their maintenance liabilities to their assets portfolios

  • Landlords to assess the works that maybe required during each service year

  • Tenants to programme works to mitigate their potential dilapidation liabilities.


To talk with a member of our friendly and highly qualified team and to learn more about us and the PPM services we provide call: 01954 204044 or email:

Plumber at Work

Some of the benefits of PPM:

  • Early identification of critical defects and maintenance requirements, to allow a strategy including budgets and programmes to be considered

  • Potential cost savings by undertaking maintenance on a proactive rather than reactive basis.
    Competent engineers to carry out the install

  • Provides a strategic view of your asset or portfolio to assist in future decision-making regarding the asset

  • Enable maintenance costs to be kept consistent time and eliminate potential unexpected and unforeseen costs.

  • Identification of statutory compliance works

  • To maintain the value of the asset




What sets us apart from the rest:


Entire Group has dedicated software to track all of your assets, ensuring that they are always up to-date for asset testing and compliance. Fully automated to ensure that no dates or frequencies are missed.

Engineers on site have live data, so that they can see the full history of your asset in real-time. They can easily add new assets and also ensure that any defects are issued straight back to the office to be quoted ASAP to ensure you are never non-compliant.

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