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Follow the steps below:

Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the gas emergency control (or shut-off) valve at the meter, as long as you’re above ground and not in a basement or cellar, or at the LPG bulk tank or storage vessels

  2. Don’t smoke. Ensure all naked flames are extinguished

  3. Do not operate electrical switches (don’t turn the lights on/off) as this may ignite escaping gas

  4. Get fresh air ASAP. Open all doors and windows to help ventilate the area

  5. Contact the National Gas Emergency number on 0800 111 999

  6. Follow the advice of the attending emergency operative regarding any issues with gas appliances and the use of equipment. Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer - that’s us – on 01954 204044 to fix these appliances and ensure they are safe to use.

  7. Feeling unwell? Visit your GP or hospital in the first instance, and inform them you may have been exposed to carbon monoxide.

  8. Finally, please do not turn the gas supply on again until it’s been thoroughly checked by your chosen Gas Safe registered engineer.

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